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having a website is an excellent way for your customers, fans and clients to have 24/7 access to you and your business. it's an important branding, marketing, and overall business strategy that is imperative for growth and communication in today’s market place. potential customers can comfortably familiarize themselves with your business before contacting you, giving them the freedom to browse with out high-sale pressure, which often times turns consumers off. current customers can use your website for support without tying up your customer services agents.

in addition to traditional websites, we also design myspace and blogger pages.  another popular option we offer, particularly for musicians/artists is an electronic press kit (epk), a single webpage with that can be attached to emails or used alone that directs people via links to your music, pictures, website, mixtapes, etc.

you can choose a simple design with basic information or something more interactive with in-depth information, it's all about what fits your needs. we will sit down with you and analyze your needs so we can design a website that satisfies you. we offer different levels of involvement from simply designing the site to acting as your webmaster, handling updates and maintenance.

our fees for designing and setting up your website start as low as $75 for a basic 3-page website and our monthly maintenance service starts as low as $25 per month. our myspace and blogger designs start at $50 and our epks start at $50 also.

here are some samples of our designs:

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