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as a small business or independent artist, we understand your marketing and promotions budget is tight and you want to make the most of your money. while promotional items may not be for everyone, you  can brand your product and create a sense of goodwill with your customers or target audience.  not only that, promotional items serve as reminders of you or your business, long after the initial contact.


26marketing.solutions can help you decide if and which promotional items are best for your project and will integrate well into your overall marketing plan.  whether its something simple, like t-shirts or key chains or something more complex like personalized computer cases for djs, we will help you decide what will fit your budget and maximize the promotional impact. we will work with you to determine quantities, colors, quality, etc, handle all the ordering and deliver your items to you.


call us today so that we can asses your project needs and help you achieve the results you desire!

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