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26marketing.solutions has several photographers that can help you record your moments and make history through digital event photography. digital photographs have so many uses that youíll wonder how you ever survived without having a professional photographer at all your events.


you need a dedicated, professional photographer whose only job is catching all the action. we will provide you with copies of your pictures on compact discs , jump drive, and/or email attachment (so you have a backup, just in case...), which ever works best for you.  you can the photographs on a website, in your advertisement for your next event, to archive or just to share.


maybe itís a party, a conference, a festival or whatever...let us help you make your memories last forever! the general price range for our photography services is $25 to goes up to $200 per hour depending on your needs.


for a more accurate quote based on the specifications of your event, call us or submit your event by visiting the order page here.


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