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26marketing.solutions is here to work with the independent artist or record label to create music marketing events and promotions. these events include listening sessions, meet and greets, radio interviews, performances.


we can also help you with developing an integrated marketing campaign for your project. This includes helping your remain a successful independent artist/record label, in control of your own destiny.


we can help you create your image and market yourself and music as a brand.  we can also assist with every aspect of marketing your project, including online distribution, e-marketing campaigns, sponsorships, endorsements, packaging and duplication, internet presence and street marketing.


additionally, we have a talent management agency, 26talent, that can help shape your career. to submit your portfolio for consideration to join our roster, please visit www.26talent.com.


for a more accurate quote based on the specifications of your event, call us or submit your event by visiting the order page here.



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