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marketing encompasses the four “p”s - promotion, pricing, packaging and placement. we specialize in creating integrated marketing campaigns for our clients that consider all four components and ensure that they compliment each other. we can help you optimize each of the four components of marketing so that your project can achieve synergy.



promotion for your project could include flyers, posters, broadcast or print media advertising, coupons, a website, a myspace page, publicity, events/mobile marketing, e-mail campaigns, cross-promotion, viral campaigns (unique and personal Internet communication) or other “think outside” communication. call 26marketing.solutions and we’ll determine the promotion mix that’s right for you and we’ll help you achieve synergy.



in addition to providing graphic services, we can also work with you to find the right packaging for your product. whether you use our graphics unit or not, we can help you choose the packaging that compliments the market that you will be entering. packaging is the first chance you get to make an impression on the consumer. consumers often notice and are drawn to the packaging before they consider the price, so it’s imperative that you put careful thought into it.



businesses often don’t put much thought into the pricing of their product, outside of covering costs and making a profit. we are not an economics company, but we can help you determine the pricing structure for market in which your product or service will be sold. we’ll conduct an analysis of the brands in that market and your competitors pricing and help you determine a pricing strategy for entering the market place.



placement, also known as distribution, is just as important in the marketing mix as the other three components. where your product is sold speaks volumes about your product to consumers before they ever purchase it. a discount store may be the right point of distribution for your project or it may not. maybe your product is suited for Internet sales or maybe not. In order to optimize the marketing mix, it’s imperative that you determine the right placement for your product or service.


call us today so that we can asses your project needs and help you mold the four marketing components in such a way that they work together to optimize your marketing mix and achieve the results you desire!


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