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no, its not a mistake, we here at 26marketing.solutions like to keep things informal, so we skipped the capital letters. and even though we prefer lowercase letters and meetings in coffee shops rather than boardrooms, we are nevertheless professional!


we specialize in making marketing manageable. itís more than just a catch phrase, we really mean it! we offer a wide range of services that can be used individually or as a part of an integrated marketing plan, to help your small business grow.


whether you are a local musician or artist in need of duplication, promotional pictures, custom graphics and a listening party or a local business in need of a sampling campaign for a new product and a professional voiceover for your commercial, we offer both traditional and non-traditional customizable marketing  services to help you accomplish your goals.


the image you and your business portray can make the difference between success and failure. we understand that marketing can be a huge challenge, but here at 26marketing.solutions we will help you create a plan that fits your needs.


not only can we fulfill your marketing needs, we can do it at a price that fits your budget!  we are not here to serve huge corporations, we are here to serve you, the small business or individual!


for a summary of what 26marketing.solutions can do for you, visit our solutions page or click any of the buttons on the sides for details about specific services.


if you already know what you want, visit the order page to place yours! feel free to call or e-mail us if your questions arenít answered here on our website.





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