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have you ever had an idea of how to market your business or self that you thought was great and knew it would work, but didn’t know where to begin?  well, here at 26marketing.solutions we can use our expertise in the fields of marketing, branding and media to help you make your idea a reality. our consulting services are for clients that already have a marketing plan but just need some expert advice when it comes to strategies, tactics and execution.



marketing is more than meets the eye.  it’s more than just getting a nice flyer or putting up posters.  marketing is made up of four components, known as the four “p”s - promotion, pricing, packaging and placement.  when each component is maximized and work together, synergy is accomplished.  synergy is more than just a buzz word, its real!  synergy is when the sum of the combined components is greater than the sum of the individual components.  so now we’re getting a little complex right?  that’s why you should call us so that we can asses your needs and design a plan and execution strategy for you. 



branding and marketing go hand in hand.  branding is the creating of a unique identity - personality, if you will - for your business or self.  we offer branding consultation to help you establish your brand in the market place.  call us so that we can help you identify brands in the market and help you carve a niche for your product or service through effective and unique branding. 



trying to figure out which media is right for you and your business can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re working with a limited budget.  should you use the internet? what about radio?  or maybe newspapers are right for you?  there are so many different types of media and each has a different ways of communicating your message.  we here at 26marketing.solutions can help you decide which media is right for disseminating your message.  we will asses your project and the media available and create a customized plan for you that meets your goals.



we can help you in securing publicity for yourself, brand or business. we have relationship with many media outlets that are willing to promote you via free or low-cost advertising.  while some events or brands may not be eligible, give us the details and we’ll let you know if you qualify.


pricing is based on the specifications of your project, so call us or submit your project by visiting the order page to get a quote.


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